Khazanah dungus is bailing out another failed company using taxpayers money

  1. We have been informed that UEM Sunrise will be merged with EcoWorld UEM Sunrise will bail out EcoWorld.  If this goes thru, the guys at Khazanah are committing treason! The deal will entails that the merged entity will be run by TS Liew and his band of thieves from EcoWorld.
  2. The deal was approved by Khazanah board, chaired by Prime Minister a.k.a. ‘Abah’, two weeks ago. Apparently, the deal was devised by UMNO trustee (read here) Dato Shahril Redza  the MD of Khazanah, and the criminal owner of EcoWorld Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin (more of this later).  Apparently Shahril has been bankrolling Liew since his EPF days. Sayang betul kepada Liew eh? Kenapa ye?
Liew Kee Sin and his piggy bank, Shahril Ridza

3. Azmin Ali, who supported Tun M’s objection to the deal when it was tabled at Khazanah Board last year, changed his mind this time around (not surprising!) and vehemently pushed for the bail-out to be executed.

“Busuk membusuki” – a phrase in Shahnon Ahmad’s book called SHIT is captured in this picture

4. The BN Band Boy lead singer a.k.a. politician wannabe Zafrul Aziz also supported the idea. We were informed by high-placed sources that when the deal was mooted last year, the investment bank that put the deal together was CIMB, who was then led by Zafrul.

Foreigners taking money out in droves from our market? Rilek la, let me cycle first

5. Abah, who proclaimed himself the defender of the Malays, as usual, also supported the deal. He has no qualms giving TS Liew billions in public money to bail out EcoWorld, while at the same time poor Malay fisherman got extra RM50 in assistance. Abah also happily giving away one of our remaining prime land in Kuala Lumpur owned by the government (Bandar Malaysia) to Tan Sri Lim Kang Hoo and his mainland Chinese partner a project that worth RM140 billion in gross development value, while at the same time aim to increase welfare assistance to Makcik Kiah et al by RM1000. So generous to the poor Malays. Alhamdullilah.

6. We don’t want to be racist, but it is such hypocrite of Abah and gang to say that Malays are losing if Bersatu stays in PH (total opposite when he was in PH), but all his actions now actually the opposite. Takpa, he will read doa, and all is well. Takbir!

7. Ok back to the topic. Why this deal is bad for the rakyat, and why should public money  used to bail out private businesses?

8. Firstly, Ecoworld is in deep shit.  It has debts of RM3bn vs a cash pile of about RM350m. For a construction company, this is bad given the cashflow cycle mismatch of payments & receipt. What this means is that the debt situation has made it difficult for EcoWorld to secure further bank lines. This is more so, that the company has no institutional backer. It is a company that facing a slow death.

9. Just look at its share price. It is currently trading at 0.41 cent, it has declined by 71% in the past 5 years. In fact, the total shareholders return of Ecoworld in the past 5 years of about -15% is the WORST compared to other property company. In other words, if you buy the shares 5 years ago, you will lose money a lot. UEM Sunrise did better than them. 

10. It is a market knowledge that EcoWorld has been going around approaching the GLICs to ask them to become substantial shareholders, which many have declined. In fact, this deal was pushed by Shahril Redza to Khazanah (who also generously gave EPF money to TS Liew to bankroll his project at Bukit Bintang when Shahril was the CEO of EPF), but it was rejected flat by Khazanah board. At that time, the board of Khazanah was filled with honest and smart highly respected Malaysians such as TS Hassan Merican and Dr Sukdave Singh. Shahril proposal was shot down flat.

11. Ecoworld can’t secure an institutional shareholder. Institutional shareholder is key. This will be used as form of guarantee with banks to secure more funding, in the hope that there will be a bailout should they default on the loans.

12. All the GLICs own a bank substantially, Khazanah – CIMB, PNB – Maybank, EPF – RHB, so they are unlikely to see these banks fail given they are sources of great income for the funds. Should EcoWorld default, there will be tendency on the GLICs to rescue them, for the banks’ sake. This is what Ecoworld wants.

13. UEM Sunrise has been struggling with many issues, the merger of UEM & Sunrise (again the deal initiated by the Khazanah clowns for the benefit of Datuk Tong Kooi Ong – the owner of The Edge)  has never really bedded down properly. Two different cultures coming together, with skills mismatch. And lets not forget what Tong said of the merger “Tong says the merged company is expected to have a market capitalisation of RM10 billion, with various segments from construction to property development to hospitality. Well guess what is the market capitalization of UEM Sunrise now? RM 10 bil? RM 25bil?

14. Nope! It is only 17% of what was promised, current market cap is only RM1.7bil.  Kena tipu lagi. Bodoh. Never learn. Why our overpaid GLCs heads zaman Pak Lah and Najib banyak dungus?

15. Now if put both UEM Sunrise & Ecoworld together as one, you have one giant property company, massively leveraged (by state banks), in an industry that will see no growth for few years.

16. We know that Ecoworld is a lousy partner. UEM Sunrise board commissioned a study, which was done by Bain & Co, and it was suggested that the best partner for UEM Sunrise was either MRCB or Sime Property. NOT ECOWORLD. It was presented to UEM Sunrise Board and Khazanah management, but it was ignored. The current UEM Sunrise Chairman Datuk Norazman Aziz who is formerly director of investment in Khazanah is not a tough guy, a pak turut who will do anything to please the political master. Same goes for almost the entire board member of UEM Bhd and UEM Sunrise. Will they dare to stand up and say no? We won’t hold our breath.

17. It is clear that this bail-out is value destroying. Hardly any synergies. One only needs to see what happened after PNB bought Setia, the latter went into massive debts and facing huge impairment. This could be Setia 2.0. Public money will go down the drain, and only TS Liew and his band of bandits will benefit.

18. Lest we forget, PNB was another idiot for buying SP Setia from TS Liew. PNB generously gave him millions of the poor Malays’ money, and what did he do with the money? He went ahead and set up rival property company EcoWorld. Bijak lah PNB! Orang Melayu kena tipu lagi. Now Ecoworld will be bailed out by another company melayu? Melayu keparat korporat di GLCs ni suka biarkan Melayu rakyat biasa terus miskin ke?

19. What worse, the investment was disastrous. PNB paid RM3.90 per share in SP Setia back in 2011. What’s the price of SP Setia now? RM 0.76 cents!!!!! The entire PNB board shoud be sacked! Did anyone at PNB got fired? The Malays should be very worried, apparently PNB would need to impair about RM3-4bn for Setia this year. That is equivalent to about 1/3 of ENTIRE dividend paid to ASB unitholders last year! Orang Melayu kena tipu lagi!

20. The Rakyat should not be fooled again and taken for a ride for bailing out tycoons. Khazanah board should resign, and Shahril Redza should be sacked for this traitorous stunt.

21. In the next posting, we shall expose documents that show that TS Liew is a criminal, and why he should be in jail. Tunggu. Small preview for you readers below. 

22. We will expose entire document when the time is right. It is puzzling that Shahril ‘UMNO lackey’ of Khazanah and Tengku Zafrul ‘band boy’ who are fully aware of the above report still adamant to bail out EcoWorld. TS Wahid who is formerly the Chairman of PNB also very well aware of the report but he refused to take action. We know why. Do you?


Part 3: Deal #2 – Duit rakyat (ASB) vs Crooked CEOs and Chairmen

  1. In Part 1, we showed how they lied about Jalil. SC claimed that LSE legal team confirmed that he is not from LSE, but this is purely silly game by the drunkard Syed Zaid. They sent an email to one department in LSE, FOUR DAYS after the registrar (highest office in LSE) clearly confirmed that he is from LSE, as we have shown in Part 1.

Picture 1
I am such a good singer… I Love All You Bankers!

  1. One glaring mistake that both PNB and SC did was that they only seek clarification from LSE 3 DAYS AFTER they sacked Jalil. Jalil should sue them. That perpetual drinker Syed Zaid, lead singer of the BN band boy Zafrul and Zeti had misled the Parliament.

Picture 2
I do most decisions with my friends, Mr Glenmorangie and Senorita Cohiba

  1. What is clear is that neither Zeti nor Syed Zaid nor Zafrul showed any class or professionalism. They are just a group of village clowns. Thus, it is not surprising that Goldman Sachs screw us mercilessly, when idiots like Zafrul and Syed Zaid led the negotiations. (note: Syed Zaid was represented by his girlfriend and the real Boss of SC – Ms Foo Lee Mei)

Picture 3
The Real Boss of Securities Commission

Picture 4
The Real Boss is sitting on the far left

  1. It is a well-known fact that the movers and shakers in KL especially among the legal and financial fraternity are shaking their heads on the stupidity of Finance Minister and Chairman of SC. We were made to look like fools. The Boss of Goldman Sachs was so happy that Malaysia not only willing to accept lower amount, but also let them off the hook from criminal charges. What did he do after his boys came down to MOF and screwed all of us Malaysians? Yes, he partied hard in the Hamptons.


Picture 5
Zafrul is an idiot… I’m off the hook! Let’s partyyyyy!

  1. We have shared (see previous posting Part 2) that Permodalan Nasional Berhad’s decision to quit a venture with Jakel Land (a company that was rumoured to be linked to Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor) helped galvanise pressure to sack Jalil Rasheed from the investment fund. We showed the role of Wahid, Azman Yahya and Jakel in bullying PNB (and the poor Malays that put their life savings in ASB). Jalil attempted to ensure that PNB is not exposed to lousy deals and to reverse that land deal invites the wrath of the kleptocrats and band of bandits.


  1. In this Part 3, we will share information about another key reason for Jalil’s swift removal. Jalil sought to protect PNB, and to end the crooks’ reliance on government’s funds have led wealthy business elites to lobby for his removal. They had waged a silent campaign to have the 38-year-old CEO sacked long before the change of government in March so that they can continue to steal from the Malays. But we been informed by top placed sources that that their campaign was thwarted by the then Prime Minister Office who infamously known for sacking those GLCs bosses who were morally corrupt and complicit with the kleptocrats.


  1. A key factor fueling the hostility towards Jalil was the policy decision to halt and review all ongoing investments, a move that effectively turned off the money tap for rent-seeking businessmen that have grown dependent on the fund’s deep pockets to finance lucrative projects. The businessmen didn’t like it because their very survival depended on some of these ventures. They had no problem with Wahid – the former Chairman of PNB – who happily facilitated those doggy deals.


  1. Wahid had used PNB as a piggy bank for his corporate friends. We have counted at least 5 deals that were executed by Wahid that translated to almost RM16 billion in losses to PNB. As a comparison, the entire ASB dividend payout last year was RM9 billion. Imagine the return that can be given to the poor Malays who invest in ASB had Wahid got sacked much earlier. The returns could be better. Don’t forget that it was him that gave Najib RM4 billion where more than RM42 milloon had flowed from SRC to Najib’s personal accounts. That pirate of Bugis ascentry then spent on watches, jewellery and other silly stuff. Najib had been found guilty, and so must Wahid. Please see our expose on Wahid’s role HERE.


  1. Jalil ‘crossed the political line’ when he refused to follow the instructions of Muhyuddin Yassin and Zafrul to appoint Datuk Hajiji Noor – former pengerusi Umno Sabah and currently Ketua Bersatu Sabah as chairman of Sime Darby Berhad. Jalil refused to appoint Hajiji as the only professional job Hajiji has done was working as a radio announcer in 1980s before joining politics. Sime Darby, which is 45% owned by Amanah Saham Bumiputera, and has a revenue of about RM33 billion, must not be in the hands of inexperienced personal, what more a lousy and morally corrupt politicians. The refusal of Jalil to agree to the appointment of Hajiji, has angered both Muhyuddin and Zafrul. To thwart the Putrajaya’s attempt to install their puppet at Sime Darby, Jalil quickly appoint former EPF Chairman Tan Sri Samsudin Hitam as Acting Chairman of Sime Darby.

Picture 6
A former radio announcer as Chairman of GLC? You professionals better stop studying Masters or PHD. Apply job in radio now, and be a crooked politician along the way.

  1. It is worth to note that among the headhocho of GLCs, only Jalil stood firm. Datuk Shahril – the boss of Khazanah, willingly and speedily agree to appoint UMNO strongman Mahadzir Khalid as Chairman of TNB, despite that the latter has a corruption case ongoing. They did not even do a fit and proper, for which surely, he would fail. We heard that Mahadzir Khalid is now trying to remove the CEO Datuk Amir Azizan. We heard that Amir, the former CEO of MISC Berhad and Petronas Dagangan and son of the illustrious towering Malay Tan Sri Azizan, is a straight man and follows corporate governance, and does not condone hanky panky.


  1. Back to PNB. So this is the REAL STORY, read this and you will shake your head:


  1. The main transaction that Jalil wanted to revisit is Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB) investment in Sapura Energy, which is run by Tan Sri Shahril Samsudin.


  1. During Wahid’s time as Chairman, PNB invested in Sapura Energy, and owned about 12% of the company. It is a bizarre investment decision, as at that time PNB already has exposure to oil and gas thru UMW’s Valesco, which PNB owned 62%. Why need another one? Bodoh ka?


  1. Anyway, by end 2018, PNB took up some of the unsubscribed rights shares in Sapura Energy Bhd, and PNB increased it shareholdings in Sapura Energy to 40%, a substantial rise from its previous level of 12%. It is PNB that now owned the largest share in Sapura Energy, and not Tan Sr Shahril Samsudin, the son of the Tan Sri Shamsudin – the founder of Sapura. Remember, the ASB, ASN, ASW or ASD holders are the owners of Sapura Energy. The makcik and pakcik you see riding motorcycles while you are chauferred driven in your posh cars.


  1. Sapura Emergy has been bleeding and losing money for many year. It has debt of about RM14 billion. Maybank, of which PNB is a major shareholder and major source of dividend for ASB unitholders, gave about RM4.5 billion in loan to Sapura Energy. That is about 6% of Maybank assets. Remember, the normal people can’t continue their moratarium beyong September, but Sapura Energy gets billions of loan.


  1. How much PNB invested in Sapura Energy in 2018? It has pumped in RM2.68 billion and ended with 40% from 12%. Shahril and his family — the largest shareholder, through Sapura Holdings Sdn Bhd shareholding diluted to 12.6%, from 16.81%. The corporate governance gurus and kaki kelentong in newspapers like Lya Rahman and BK Sidhu can check on this.


  1. Wahid and Rahman gamble of the savings of the poor Malays which has turned badly. PNB investments of RM2.68 billion is a disaster. The value of that RM2.68 billion is reduced to RM575 million, which mean PNB has lost RM1.9 billion in about two years!! ASB has 27% of that total 40% of PNB stake in Sapura Energy. Many asked how come the value has decreased? Well that’s because Shahril is not really a good businessman. With friends like Wahid heading GLCs do you think Malaysian corporate scene in GLCs during Najib’s time was filled with people with good virtues?


  1. The poor Malays are in the losing end. To put things in perspective, total dividend payout for ASB last year was RM9 billion. Imagine how much the Malays can get in dividend if Wahid didn’t fuck us up with this silly investments in Sapura Energy.


  1. Despite PNB own the biggest chunk, it is Shahril that runs the show.


  1. Thus, despite losing money, he pays himself damn well. According to the company’s annual reports, Shahril’s salary was more than RM80 million from the financial year ended Jan 1, 2014 (FY2014), to FY2017. How much did Pak Cik Murad and Mak Cik Senah got from their ASB dividends during those periods? Shahril got RM800 million from bad investments. How much did you, our dear readers get from 2014 to 2017 for working like a dog? Zafrul received more than RM8 million last year alone for sitting on his bicycle, pretending to be CIMB CEO.


  1. In 2018, Sapura Energy lost RM 2.5 billion. How much the Shahril got as a reward for this venture? In the previous year, he got himself RM 62 million that year as remunerations! Lya Rahman can verify this for you. Readers can also take a quick peek at the minutes of BOD meeting dated 24 May 2017 below:

Picture 7
Para 8.2: ‘Proposed bonus of RM55 million in recognition of his contribution to the performance of the company” KAH KAH KAH KAH KAH! That’s Shahril laughing all the way to the bank with ASB holders’ money and his RM600k oper month salary.

  1. Despite losing the poor Malays money in this screwed up investment, Shahril is still there until now, reaping the benefits! He should have been sacked. Jalil wanted to remove him but Jalil was sacked instead. In the aftermath, Shahril only reduced a bit of his salary. He must be crying under his blanket of money right now. Poor man. What is he getting right now? RM300K per month? Last year alone, Shahril used Sapura Energy’s money to pay for his private jet expenses in his trips worldwide. Millions of ASB holders’ money were used to pay for his extravagance on monthly basis. Every December he would take his family to Europe for a ski holiday. You people had subsidised for it. Where did you go, my dear readers every December? A daily trip to the office? God bless you for still not protesting in front of Sapura Energy office demanding for Shahril’s head.


  1. Do you how much Wahid paid himself? Well, Wahid pay himself RM3 million per year as non-executive Chairman of PNB! Crazy eh! How much did his predecessor Tun Ahmad Sarji got paid? RM35,000 a month! Remind us again the analogy pay peanuts got monkeys? Heck, these people got paid wagyu beef prices on an hourly basis and yet we still got monkeys.


  1. Off-tangent pulak. Ok back to Sapura.


  1. When Jalil came in, he wanted to stop all these nonsense. Despite PNB owned Sapura Energy, Shahril runs the show. The board of Sapura Energy are pretty useless, kowtowing to Shahril. When he tells them to bend over, they replied ‘How high?’ That is why despite losing money, Shahril got paid millions.


  1. On 17 April 2020, PNB sent a letter to Sapura Energy and addressed it to the Board regarding their concerns on the future of SEB.


  1. On 2 May 2020, Sapura Energy via Rosli Dahlan (the personal lawyer of Shahril Samsudin and Muhyuddin Yassin) sent a reply letter to PNB, basically telling PNB to fuck off. Interestingly, Sapura Board never discussed or agreed to get legal opinion re the letter from PNB. It was unilateral discussion by Shahril, without informing the board.


  1. At the same time, Zafrul requested PNB to quickly appoint – you wont believe this – Rosli Dahlan to the board of PNB! We can’t make this up. It is so bizarre.


  1. The letter that Rosli Dahlan sent to PNB is link here, excerpt below:

Picture 8

  1. So on Tues 10th of June, PNB sent a board circular to Amanah Raya Trustee. The aim is to compel Sapura Energy to undertake extraordinary general meeting (EGM) requisition to remove the entire board of Sapura Energy, including Shahril.


  1. On 11th June, Zeti was called by Zafrul, and the message was that Jalil must be sacked immediately, presumably before the proposed EGM.


  1. Jalil was sacked five days after that meeting. Zeti followed the instruction like a meek cat.
  1. Once Jalil was removed, that notice for an EGM to sack the board was aborted. Jalil resigned from Sapura Energy board, and Tan Sri Hamid Bugo was appointed immediately as Chairman of Sapura Energy to replace Jalil. Interestingly, PNB was not consulted on this appointment despite PNB is the majority shareholder. Now the Chairman is replaced again, with Tan Sri Shamsul Azhar replacing Hamid Bugo. We were informed that an Sri Shamsul was on the payroll of Sapura for the past two years, earning about RM900,000 per quarter! Again, this is PNB’s money. Since the proposed EGM did not materialised. Shahril is now safe to siphon more ASB money for himself under the pretext of monthly salary and other things.


  1. MOF Zafrul, Zeti, Syed Zaid are to be blame for this fiasco. They just wanted to save their friend – Tan Sri Shahril, and they ignore their duties to help the rakyat. The losers are PNB and Maybank , and ultimately the 14 million poor Malays that put their life savings in PNB.


  1. Don’t forget, PNB put in additional RM 2.68bil into Sapura since 2018, and that investment is now worth RM575 million, which means PNB has lost RM1.9 billion in about two years!! On top of that, Maybank, which is owned by PNB, gave about RM4.6 billion in loan, which is highly risky. If this didn’t happen, the poor Malays can get additional 3.8% in dividend. In other words, last year ASB dividend may go up from 5.5% to 9.3%!! But because of the stupidity and greed of pemegang amanah, namely Zeti, Wahid Omar, Syed Zaid, Shahril Samsudin, Rosli Dahlan and of course the wanker Zafrul, the poor Malays are on the losing end.


  1. In the next posting, we will show how Syed Zaid and Foo Lee Mei have abused their power. Mari kita lihat siapa yang kena.

Part 2: Deal #1: The role of Wahid Omar, Jakel, and Azman Yahya

  1. In part 1, we have shared how Tengku Zafrul a.k.a. chief BN bandboy, with whiskey drinker and a drunkard Syed Zaid Albar (Chairman of Secuities Commission), and Tan Sri Zeti wrongfully sacked the CEO of PNB. All three of them should be in jail. Not just for wrongful dismissal, but also for other reasons (but we will reveal this when the time is right – Hint: insider trading, abuse of power, and 1MDB).


  1. In this post, we will reveal WHY Jalil was sacked. Let us get straight to the point: The reason why Jalil was removed because of two high profile deals that he wanted to cancel. Those deals benefited tycoons (plural, not singular), and not PNB. PNB is a tanggungjawab and amanah (trustee), entrusted to protect and invest the hard-earned savings of the poor Malays. Jalil understood this responsibility. But because Jalil didn’t play ball with the crooks in this criminal Government like how the previous team did, they executed him mercilessly and swiftly.


  1. The motion started right after backdoor government installed themselves in Putrajaya. And the Finance Minister, who initially claimed that he is not a politician but have now done nothing but appointing highest number of politicians (including corrupt ones) to the board and undertake the execution of professionals on behalf of the kleptocrats. Along with the crooks in Securities Commission, this highly paid yet underperforming former Banker was instrumental in ensuring that Jalil must be kicked out before the gravy train stops.

Picture 1

Politician Wannabe..but bodoh

  1. We will expose the role of Syed Zaid (under the directive of his #2 at SC, Foo Lee Mei (FLM) – who is the real boss in SC, in letting go those VIPs that involved in insider trading case soon). It is market knowledge that Syed Zaid competencies in capital market matters is much to be desired, and he relied heavily on FLM. Nothing moves in SC without approval from FML.  You want to get things done – go and see FML, that’s the market talk. But don’t worry, we will share those insider trading cases later. Coming up soon. Very juicy.

Picture 2

Syed Zaid and his boss Foo Lee Mei

  1. We will share two major deals that Jalil wanted to execute. In this post, we will focus on deal #1 : the land deal involving Jakel and Tan Sri Azman Yahya.


  1. It is such a lopsided deal, signed during the Tan Sri Wahid Omar (a good buddy with Azman Yahya) when the former was the Chairman of PNB. The second deal, which is the last straw that broke Jalil’s back, will be exposed in part 3. Please be patient.

Picture 3

  1. Lest we forget, the chairman of PNB when the deal with Jakel was executed was Tan Sri Wahid Omar. This is the same Wahid Omar who openly campaigned for Najib Razak during GE14 (PLEASE REMEMBER THAT HE WANTED NAJIB TO WIN!), and the same person who signed of easily RM4bil of KWAP’s money to 1MDB (see our expose here). That RM4bil was never recouped, and the rakyat money is now used to pay the loan back to KWAP. And people think he is an angel and superstar corporate guy? We calculated that PNB has lost about RM16bilion (of poor rakyat’s money) in 5 deals that Wahid executed when he was the chairman of PNB. We will explain later (adoi, tired lah so many things to expose and write).

Picture 4

Najib and his khadam in KWAP that gave SRC RM4 billion for free

  1. For his role in 1MDB, Najib rewarded him with Chairmanship at PNB. And now, Najib-Muhyiddin government rewarded him with the chairmanship at Bursa Malaysia, despite that SRC case is still in court. He would fail the fit and proper test as he is part of the heist of the century, but that drunkard Syed Zaid approved his chairmanship at Bursa. Syed Zaid is a bumbling idiot! Did you know how many of his millionaire friends he let loose from being charged for corporate crimes? You will find out soon. Safe to say, Syed Zaid is even worse than Ranjit Singh. That former chairman of SC was only half an idiot.


  1. Anyway, in this land deal, we will focus on how PNB (that’s us the rakyat) became a sucker and a loser, executed by Wahid Omar that benefits only Jakel and Azman Yahya. The 14mil poor Malays is the loser.

So these are the facts:

  1. In 2017, Jakel Land won a tender for government piece of land near Bukit Damansara. It was reported that Azman Yahya claimed that they won the tender for 20-acre government land near Istana Negara without getting a discount. This is not true.


  1. Jakel Land Sdn Bhd paid RM774.9 psf, which was below the government’s initial asking price of RM1,000 psf and later revised to RM900 psf. That deal  was the largest land transacted in KL that year. That is a huge discount!


  1. When Jakel Land bought the land, the shareholders did not include PNB. Only AFTER they got the land that they sold the shares of the company to PNB and Symphony Life Bhd (owned by Azman Yahya). We know that Azman Yahya is buddy with Najib Razak. In the mean time, we know who Jakel is buddy with. Hint: Can I Advise You Something!


  1. If PNB wanted to get involve in the land, why didn’t it bid for the land directly? PNB has a property arm that is big enough to take on this project. PNB was at that time already in property development, it was developing Menara 118 – one of the largest property project in Malaysia. It already owns Sime Property and SP Setia – the biggest property companies in the country. Sime Prop and SP Setia should be in this shouldn’t they? Jakel on the other hand, is a very small property player. Maybe Azman Yahya and Wahid Omar who was the chairman of PNB at that time care to explain this? You reporters who are reading this, go ask them lah! No balls is it?


  1. Who benefited from this deal? Azman Yahya said no profit made by Jakel, and all parties agreed to be equal partners i.e. 1/3 each with all shareholders put equal capital i.e. RM25m each to this JV company. Does he think we are stupid? After PNB bought the shares from Jakel (despite PNB could participate in the tender directly and got the land themselves), PNB gave RM225mil loan to the JV company. Don’t you think it is silly for PNB to come in AFTER the bid was won by a small-time player, and then right away gave loan to that JV company which it owns 1/3 to top up RM225m to pay for the land? Is PNB in the business of giving loans? Can Makcik Kiah apply loan directly from PNB? Bunch of crooks they are, aren’t they?


  1. Back of the envelope calculation shows that risk and profit are not balanced, with PNB bear most risk. A 10% risk exposure for Jakel and Azman Yahya each, and  80% risk exposure for PNB. But profit wise, 60% profit exposure for both Jakel and Azman Yahya. Not a bad deal for Azman Yahya and Jakel, but a lousy deal for 14mil poor Malays that put their savings in PNB!


  1. Azman Yahya said ‘PNB has a great deal’, ‘a fair deal’ and ‘more in favour of PNB’. No! Beneath his fake smile, he was laughing all the way to the bank with Makcik Kiah’s ASB dividends.


  1. What he conveniently forgot to tell is that the fact remains that the economic viability of the project was suspect. To build a  high story towers (five in total!) in Damansara, what are the chances of that being sold? The profit share is only a profit if units are sold.


  1. There’s already glut of properties in KL. At that sort of land prices, you’d need to sell units at RM1500 psf. Who’s going to buy at those prices?


  1. Azman and Wahid also claimed the venture posed no risk for PNB. Oi machas! PNB gave the loan didn’t they? Isn’t that a risk? Yes, the loan is a risk as it runs the risk of default because we found out that Jakel was not in great financial shape. And the weirdest part about it is, since PNB now owns 1/3 of the project, it basically loaned money to itself and will be servicing that loan at an interest rate of 8%! Wahid Omar won’t know the meaning of tanggungjawab and amanah even if it was tattooed on his palms. God knows what he is doing in Bursa Malaysia right now. Probably nothing good.


  1. Furthermore, Azman (who just got appointed as board member to Bank Negara by Zafrul the lead singer of BN bandboy) suggested the interest rate of 8% is so high that it would benefit PNB, why not secure financing from other banks that offer much lower interest rate? The truth is, no banks want to. It is not a bankable project, that is why you need PNB to come in. That is why the balance of the loan to pay for the land came from PNB owned bank – Maybank! Azman forgot to mention this eh? And have you started paying that 8% to PNB?


  1. The truth is PNB is a silent guarantor. When shit hits the fan, PNB (read poor Orang Melayu that put their life savings in PNB) have to bail out the corporate tycoons. This is what Jalil wanted to terminate and get those who had mismanaged be accountable for their actions. Why do we say PNB is the loser in this doggy deal?

    A. Azman pays RM5 million for 33% equity stake
    B. Jakel pays RM5 million for 33% equity stake
    C. The third 33% shareholder is PNB.
    PNB pays the same as Azman and Jakel for its stake but it has to provide loans of RM225 million.

    To increase the risk further for PNB, the lender to this project is non other than Maybank. Maybank has a RM520 million loan to this project. Remember PNB is the major shareholder to Maybank.

    So Azman does the construction. Jakel secure the land. And Maybank does the lending. PNB takes all the risk. So if the project kaput, Azman and Jakel only lost RM10 mil in total, but PNB group will lose RM750mil (RM225m loan plus RM5 million equity plus Maybank loan RM520m)!

    Who is another common person in this deal who was at Maybank and also at PNB? YES, THE BELOVED WAHID OMAR.


  1. Did Wahid and Azman bothered to explain why PNB is getting involve in the deal, when this veered so much off tangent with what PNB does? Maybe to ‘tolong Malay tycoons’? Why not tolong the poor Malays? So to say that Jakel and Azman didn’t benefit is not true. You got a good shareholder with deep pockets and you got them to loan you to pay for the land. That’s the fact. Please stop peddling crap.


  1. Thus, Jalil’s decision to exit property development completely make economic sense. But this is bad for the tycoons, so Jalil must be removed. Poor Jalil, a naive young boy untainted with Malaysian corporate pig shit. His only crime was he weren’t buddies with the crooks nor smoked cigars with Syed Zaid.


  1. To Azman, Wahid, and gang, stop being a hypocrite. We know what you did when you were in Danaharta, selling assets at bargain prices to your buddies. And we know you kowtow to Najib when you sat with him on the Khazanah board. You hid so much stuff that when Dr Mahathir came in as Chairman of Khazanah and with TS Hassan Merican on the board, they had to post RM6 billion losses after you and your band of bandits were sacked. It’s amazing Shahril Ridza didn’t suffer that much hair loss.


  1. The trio (Azman, Wahid, Jakel) was furious that this newbie Jalil is cancelling their project. But this is a lousy project for PNB. What do they expect?


  1. Shameful indeed. When Jalil started the motion to stop this deal in early April 2020, Zafrul, Wahid and Azman Yahya protested, but not successfully. But they didn’t give up, Jalil must be removed. And they saw the opportunity when Jalil gave an executive order to execute one high-profile deal. He was removed within a week, and the replacement is the former employee and best friend of Azman Yahya itself – Ahmad Zulkarnain Onn.

Picture 5

We don’t know who this Zulkarnain is, but if this deal is still not terminated by next month then we know he is also a KELDAI for those trio. Imagine, CEO of PNB, a GLIC that protects Malay interests, is being headed by a KELDAI working solely for tycoons’ interests.

  1. What was that high profile deal that speed up Jalil’s execution? The deal that exposed PNB and its company to losses nearly RM10bil of which Jalil wanted to rescue? To be continued….

Part 1: Liars at MOF, PNB and SC

The Lies Peddled by UMNO hatchetman Tengku Zafrul on PNB’s Jalil academic qualifications, and executed by PNB Chairman Zeti  and SC Chairman Syed Zaid

  1. The aim of this post is simple: we will show you the evidence that the allegations by MOF, SC and PNB on Jalil academic credentials are nothing by lies, and he was removed because he is honest and wanted to protect the poor Malays that invested in ASN and ASB, and not certain Malay tycoons and billionaires.
  2. The sudden removal of Malaysia rising young corporate ‘star’ Jalil Rasheed from PNB is originated by the politician wannabe and the lead singer of BN bandboys Tengku Zafrul Aziz (a bad singer really, no wonder BN lost the election), and facilitated by two spineless individuals – Tan Sri Zeti Chairman of PNB, and the incompetent lawyer and perpetual whiskey drinker Datuk Syed Zaid Albar the Chairman of Securities Commission (SC).



The Lead Singer a.k.a. the Lackey for Najib and his sidekick, the baldy Syed Zaid

  1. The execution was swift. When the Chairman of PNB Tan Sri Zeti was summoned to Putrajaya by Zafrul on Wednesday 11 June 2020, the instruction was simple : remove Jalil immediately. And during the same meeting, the name of the replacement was handed to Zeti. It was Zulkarnain Onn of Khazanah, a former staff and close friend to Dato Azman Yahya of Symphony Berhad. Please remember both names as we will show the relationship to PNB later.
  2. The given reason for the sacking was that Jalil lied in his CV. During the same meeting, Zafrul mentioned that SC will call Jalil soon. Interestingly, we have ample evidence to show that it is Zafrul that needs to be summoned by SC, for some ‘activities’ that is against capital market rules. The punishment is jail if convicted (jeng jeng jeng..but that is for another posting)
  3. On 12 of June [Thursday], Jalil was summoned to SC.
  4. On 13 of June [Friday], Zeti informed Jalil that he must resign.
  5. The board meeting was convened on 16 June (Monday). It was brought forward from the initially scheduled meeting for the 18th June (Wednesday). The board meeting was nothing but a farce. The agenda is simple : ensure Jalil is out.
  6. It was not a fair hearing from the word go. Jalil was not once called to the Board to explain why he is being removed, nor any evidence was presented to the Board to show that Jalil misled the company on his academic credential. Zeti informed that Jalil must resign IMMEDIATELY as requested by Putrajaya, and the replacement has been identified and his name has been given to Syed Zaid to be approved. We were informed that Syed Zaid personally ask Foo Lee Mei the chief regulatory officer at SC (and the real boss who calls the shot at SC) to speed up the process. It is widely rumored by the staff of SC and the whispers at the corridors that that they are romantically involved (no comment, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder). Anyway, how bizarre that PNB submitted the name to SC when Jalil is yet to resign?
  7. Now, before we proceed to why he was removed, and why Zeti and Syed Zaid (who put his friends – one insider trader and one tax evader at the board of SC) agree to become complicit, let us first show you the evidence. We are not a normal blog, we are like CSI Miami – our assertions are based on facts.
  8. If we want to know the validity of anyone academic credentials, the one and only place that can verify it is the university. Simple aint it? Well, LSE was asked, and the official answer given by LSE is as below :

Note: Leda Cosentino  is the Executive Assistant to Dame Minouche Shafik , the Director of the Directorate of LSE. See link here.

  1. 1st email from PNB to LSE on Friday, 19 June 2020 at 2:17pm

Picture 1

  1. Kindly note the date of the email that was sent. It was sent on the 19 of June 2020, which four days AFTER the board sacked Jalil, and seven days AFTER Jalil was summoned to SC. Is this justice? Shouldn’t Zeti and Syed Zaid verify the allegations first? It is scary that this blatant injustice is executed by Syed Zaid who is a regulator and a trained lawyer! Bodoh dan jahat.
  2. The 1st response from LSE was obtained on same day, at 5:16pm, three hours after the email was sent. The answer was quite vague.

Picture 2

  1. PNB then sent a second email to LSE, on the same at 7pm, to seek clarifications

Picture 3


  1. The reply from LSE to PNB was received on Monday, 22nd It clearly vindicated Jalil. The answer was given in double negative (‘not be factually incorrect’)

Picture 4


  1. Now this is where it gets weird and bit hilarious. PNB then emailed LSE on the same day at 10:21 pm (wow, work hard eh), and asked LSE to clarify.

Picture 5

  1. Double negative is always positive. LSE, which we are sure must been quite annoyed by now, replied after few minutes. Just one sentence. Read below.

Picture 6


  1. So it is clear that Jalil was telling the truth, and the ones telling lies and misled the public are Zafrul, Zeti, and Syed Zaid. Shameful indeed! They should resign immediately!
  2. So what was the real reason why Jalil was removed? We will share it in part 2

Radzi Jidin Tidak Layak Sebagai Menteri Pelajaran

1. Maksimum antara 16 dan 17 pelajar pada satu-satu masa sebaik saja sesi persekolahan dibuka semula. Demikian Penyelesaian Radzi Jidin, Menteri Pelajaran kerajaan Perikatan Nasional yang tidak mendapat mandat rakyat dalam Pilihanraya Umum ke-14.

2. Cadangan beliau ini menunjukkan betapa beliau sama sekali tidak mengetahui apa yang sedang berlaku di sekolah. Mungkin kerana anak-anak Radzi sebelumnya pun tidak pernah menempuh alam persekolahan di Malaysia memandangkan beliau masih baru pulang dari Australia.

3. Radzi tidak tahu betapa mustahilnya melakukan saranan beliau yang tidak kreatif itu. Di Lembah Kelang, oleh lambakan murid yang ramai, kebanyakan sekolah harus mengadakan dua sesi. Adakah Radzi akan mencadangkan sesi ketiga iaitu pada malam hari? Atau, adakah Radzi akan mencadangkan idea menggilirkan persekolahan anak-anak di mana hari ini anak engkau, esok anak aku yang ke sekolah?

4. Nampaknya opah di kampung akan mengeluh kerana pelajaran cucunya di bandar terabai, semua dek idea tidak realistik Radzi.

5. Adakah Radzi juga mengetahui ketidakcukupan jumlah guru di Lembah Kelang yang mana kadang-kala seorang guru akan mengajar mata pelajaran yang tidak pun dikuasainya? Adakah Radzi pernah turun padang melihat sekolah yang prasarananya cukup menyedihkan? Adakah Radzi tahu bagaimana ramainya pelajar dan murid tercicir oleh Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan ini kerana tiada kemudahan teknologi dan internet?

6. Apa yang Radzi tahu?

7. Mengapa Menteri Pelajaran kita yang kononnya pernah menempuh kerjaya hebat di Australia ini mengeluarkan idea tidak masuk akal begini?

8. Elok kita mencari semula rekod Radzi Jidin di Australia. Adakah beliau seorang yang benar-benar hebat seperti digambarkan oleh dirinya sendiri.

9. Membaca karier Radzi Jidin, kita akan mendapati beliau adalah seorang penunggang kerja orang. Yakni seseorang yang tidak akan dapat ke mana-mana tanpa merit atau keupayaan sendiri.

10. Apakah nilai PhD atau gelaran Dr di hadapan nama Radzi Jidin, Menteri Pelajaran yang dilantik oleh kerajaan Perikatan Nasional ini. Radzi mendaftar program PhD dalam tahun 2002 di Australia. akan tetapi dia hanya menyelesaikan tanggungjawabnya pada tahun 2011.

11. Untuk orang di luar dunia akademik ini mungkin tidak menggambarkan apa-apa. Namun, sejarah Radzi ini menjadi buah mulut dalam kalangan orang universiti. Ini kerana pengajian beliau berlangsung selama sembilan tahun yang panjang. Orang di universiti tahu yang seorang calon Phd berasal dari Australia lazimnya mengambil masa empat tahun untuk menyiapkan tesisnya sehingga tiba ke tahap peperiksaan lisan (viva). Calon dari luar negara di Australia pula kebiasaannya rata-rata mengambil masa tiga ke tiga tahun setengah untuk melengkapkan keperluan universiti tempat asal mereka bertugas. Katakan calon PhD itu ditanggung oleh kerajaan mereka untuk meraih doktorat di Australia. Dalam kes Radzi, beliau diberi tiga tahun oleh sebuah universiti di Malaysia di bawah skim latihan akademik Bumiputera yang dibiayai para pembayar cukai. Ini bermakna wang kita rakyat pelbagai kaum dan lapisan baik B40, atau M40 pernah menanggung hidup Radzi dan keluarganya di Australia sepanjang pengajian beliau di sana. Ingat, pengajian yang terlebih masa.

12. Apa yang Radzi lakukan? Orang kampung akan mengatakan, Radzi menghabiskan beras.

13. Ketika di Australian National University (ANU) beliau membuat kerja sambilan sebagai seorang tutor atau pembantu pensyarah. Jangan biarkan Radzi bergebang menceritakan kehebatan dirinya di sana. Orang universiti tahu, ANU di tempat Radzi itu, terdapat dua sayap. Iaitu, sayap pertama; The Institute of Advanced Studies, yang mengambil model Universiti Princeton di Amerika Syarikat. Ia adalah sebuah pusat penyelidikan cemerlang dengan sekumpulan pengkaji berwibawa dari pelbagai pusat kajian terkemuka dunia. Sebuah lagi sayap pula adalah fakulti untuk pelajar berijazah yang sarat tuntutan dan keperluan mengajar. Yang mana seorang pensyarah di sini adalah semacam seorang guru sekolah menengah dengan pelbagai kerenah. Radzi berada di sini, mengajar pelajar ijazah sarjana muda dan sambil itu, menghabiskan masa yang banyak menguruskan Kelab Umno. Patutlah. Radzi tidak pun rasa ada ‘amanah’ untuk negara, iaitu menyempurnakan tesis dan pulang berkhidmat. Ingat, kehidupan beliau di sana ditanggung pembayar cukai.

14. Maka tidaklah menghairankan penguasaan bahasa Inggeris beliau sungguh lemah, yang mana membuatkan kita tertanya-tanya apakah pengalamannya di Australia itu tidak membantu langsung? Kita malu bila beliau bertutur dalam bahasa Inggeris. Kita akan segera dapat merumuskan betapa banyak masanya telah dihabiskan untuk berpolitik di kalangan mahasiswa Melayu, yakni mengabaikan ‘amanah’ pengajiannya dalam masa yang sepatutnya.

15. Kemudian Radzi berpindah ke University of New South Wales. Orang universiti tahu, selalunya, sebaik sahaja seorang calon PhD selesai pengajian, mereka akan mulai mencari jalan menerbitkan tulisan dan hasil kajiannya di pelbagai jurnal demi meninggalkan jejak sebagai seorang yang arif atau pakar dalam bidang kajiannya. Selalunya perjalanan ini akan membawa seseorang graduan PhD ke pelbagai tempat, melompat dari satu dana penyelidikan ke yang lainnya sehinggalah statusnya sebagai seorang ahli akademik dianggap kukuh. Biasanya, di peringkat ini, seorang akademik itu akan bergelar Doktor dan akan mula menyelia pula siswa PhD. Lambat-laun  sarjana itu akan mencipta langkah menuju ke tahap profesor – tahap paling mulia dalam dunia akademik.

16. Adakah Radzi menempuhi tahap ini? Kita perlu tahu, kerana kita mendapati Radzi memberikan penyelesaian untuk persekolahan anak-anak kita seolah-olah seorang yang tidak punya PhD. Gaya Radzi seperti Radzi tidak pun tahu apa-apa tentang alam pendidikan. Ini bahaya untuk anak-anak kita, sama bahaya dengan Covid19.

17. Seorang pemimpin tanpa idea untuk memimpin sangat berbahaya.

18. Radzi mengambil masa enam tahun kemudian, dalam tahun 2017 untuk menerbitkan satu tulisan ilmiah sulungnya dalam bentuk bab dalam buku. Hal seperti ini adalah satu skandal dalam kalangan orang universiti. Penerbitan Radzi itu pula bukan sebagai pengarang utama, dan hanya sebagai pengarang bersama iaitu bersama-sama bekas penyelia beliau. Kelihatannya tawaran menerbitkan bab dalam buku itu datang dari Dr Monroe, bekas penyelianya sendiri. Kalau bukan kerana mentor beliau tersebut, Radzi tidak akan menerbitkan satu apa pun. Ternyata, itulah satu-satunya penerbitan beliau sebagai pengarang atau pengkaji: R. Jidin and G.S. Monroe. 2017. The importance of considering social desirability bias. In: Theresa Libby & Linda Thorne (editors), The Routledge Companion to Behavioural Accounting Research. Taylor and Francis.

19. Sebaik sebelum pulang ke Malaysia, terdapat dua lagi makalah diterbitkan atas nama beliau. Namun, beliau hanyalah nama ketiga dalam susunan pengarang bagi makalah-makalah itu, yang dihasilkan bersama empat atau lima pensyarah lain. Kalau kita bertanya orang universiti, mereka akan tersenyum sinis, kerana dalam dunia akademik, terutama bidang sains sosial, mana-mana nama selepas pengarang kedua akan dianggap pembonceng gratis (percuma) yang biasanya tidak menyumbang apa-apa untuk kandungan makalah tersebut. Kertas seumpama ini juga seringnya berakhir dengan rujukan rendah, iaitu ia tidak dianggap penting atau bermakna oleh penyelidik yang sama dalam bidang:

Andon, P.,  Free, C.,  Jidin, R.,  Monroe, G.S.,  Turner, M.J.. 2018. The Impact of Financial Incentives and Perceptions of Seriousness on Whistleblowing Intention. Journal of Business Ethics. Volume 151, Issue 1: Pages 165-178.

Harding, N.,  Azim, M.I.,  Jidin, R.,  Muir, J.P. 2016. A Consideration of Literature on Trust and Distrust as they Relate to Auditor Professional Scepticism. Australian Accounting Review. Volume 26, Issue 3: Pages 243-254.

20. Maka kebanyakan orang universiti yang mencari nama Radzi Jidin akan terkejut apabila melihat penilaian H-indeks beliau. H-indeks adalah satu indeks untuk mengukur pengaruh atau kepentingan seseorang sarjana. Penilaian H-indeks Radzi adalah 2, skor rendah yang memalukan. Ini rupanya kehebatan Radzi di Australia setelah ditanggung hidupnya oleh pembayar cukai dari Malaysia.

21. Di sesetengah universiti penyelidikan di Malaysia, seorang pelajar PhD diminta menerbitkan sehingga tiga artikel jurnal ilmiah di penerbitan tersohor sebelum diizinkan menduduki peperiksaan lisan dan menghantar tesis. Peraturan ini membolehkan calon PhD beroleh H-indeks dengan jumlah 2 atau lebih dalam tempoh yang singkat.  Kadang-kadang H-indeks mereka sudah menjulang tinggi serentak mereka menerima skrol ijazah kedoktoran di Majlis Konvokesyen. Jadi, semua orang universiti tahu yang tahap Radzi Jidin cukup bawah, rendah dan terperesok jauh ke dalam berbanding siswa Phd di Malaysia sendiri. Ini bererti, Radzi hanyalah seorang yang biasa-biasa.

22. Mengapa seorang yang biasa-biasa seperti ini dipertanggungjawabkan menjaga pendidikan anak-anak? Dan ini menjelaskan mengapa beliau tidak ada idea, atau bangkrap idea untuk ditawarkan kepada anak-anak sekolah dan guru kita. Kasihan kita. Inilah yang diberikan oleh Muhyiddin Yassin dan kerajaan Pakatan Nasional.

23. Setelah dua puluh tahun di Australia, Radzi Jidin hanya mampu meraih status yang sama diperolehi oleh seorang graduan PhD di Malaysia dalam masa 3 sehingga 4 tahun. Seorang sarjana tulen lazimnya sudah punya ratusan penerbitan dalam tempoh dua dekad. Dari Canberra, Australia kemudian Radzi berpindah ke Sydney dan akhirnya di Hobart untuk mencari tapak lebih kukuh. Akan tetapi, nasib dalam dunia akademik ialah jika kamu tidak menerbitkan, kamu akan karam. Untuk orang universiti, penerbitan kajian adalah segala-galanya. Jika tidak menerbit, sekadar sebuah bab dalam buku seperti Radzi, mereka biasanya akan dibuang dari universiti. Apatah lagi di Australia. Adakah beliau pulang ke Malaysia untuk menyelamatkan diri atau berkhidmat kepada negara?

24. Beliau pulang kerana tiada lagi masa depan di Australia. Berdasarkan rekod penerbitan beliau yang lemah, beliau tidak akan layak pun sebagai seorang pensyarah di mana-mana universiti di Malaysia. Itulah orang yang diberi tugas menjaga pendidikan dan masa depan anak-anak Malaysia. Mutu rendah hanya akan melahirkan mutu yang rendah juga. Ini membuatkan kita faham mengapa Radzi bercakap seperti orang yang tidak tahu apa-apa pun tentang sekolah di Malaysia.

25. Pendidikan anak-anak Malaysia tidak harus diperjudikan nasib mereka oleh  Radzi, seorang ahli akademik yang gagal. Akan tetapi inilah yang diperolehi oleh rakyat Malaysia dari sebuah kerajaan yang tidak punya mandat dan ditubuhkan secara tergesa-gesa.


Rakan se-universiti dan perjuangan.

Bagaimana duit KWAP dicuri?

  1. Ramai menyangka bahawa professional Melayu seperti Tan Sri Wahid Omar adalah orang yang layak dan cemerlang dalam bidang korporat. Ini tidak benar.
  2. Jika orang Melayu tahu hal korporat, dan juga apa yang sebenarnya berlaku, Tan Sri Wahid Omar adalah tidak layak langsung menjaga syarikat milik kerajaan, dan beliau sepatutnya berada di dalam penjara! Beliau telah mengkhianat bangsa melayu dan negara. Ya, ini mungkin memeranjatkan ramai, tetapi inilah hakikat.
  3. Lupakah kita ketika beliau menjadi CEO Maybank pada 2008, Maybank membeli bank di Indonesia dan Pakistan pada harga hampir RM11bil, dan membayar hampir 65% harga lebih tinggi dari pasaran untok membeli BII, harga paling tinggi dalam sejarah pembelian bank di Indonesia ketika itu. Akibatnya, apabila urusniaga ini diumumkan, pada keesokan hari, saham Maybank jatuh 10%, kejatuhan paling teruk dalam sepuloh tahun.
  4. Temasek, syarikat milik Singapura, membeli bank BII pada tahun 2003 dan menjual kepada Maybank pada tahun 2008, dan untung mereka hampir 500%! Kos pembelian Temasek adalah pada 2003 adalah 82 rupiah sesaham, Maybank membeli pada harga hampir 467 rupiah sesaham pada 2008!
  5. Akibat pembelian ini, tidak sampai setahun, pada tahun 2009, kerugian rosot-nilai Maybank adalah hampir RM3bil!
  6. Ya, CEO Maybank pada ketika itu adalah Wahid Omar. Siapa yang rugi? Pemegang saham Maybank, iaitu PNB. PNB adalah tempat tabungan orang Melayu. Akibat kebodohan Wahid Omar, orang melayu rugi RM3bil! Adakah dia dipecat dari Maybank ketika itu? Tidak. Gaji berjuta-juta setahun tetap jalan seperti biasa.
  7. Tetapi pengkhianatan Wahid yang paling besar berlaku tiga tahun selepas itu, pada tahun 2011 dan 2012. Jika orang Melayu rugi RM3b pada tahun 2008, tiga tahun kemudiannya, Wahid Omar menyebabkan 30 juta rakyat Malaysia menangung kerugian RM4bil!
  8. Di sini akan kami tunjukkan bagaimana Wahid Omar dan geng membantu Najib dan Jho-Low mencuri RM4b dari rakyat Malaysia. Ramai rakyat tidak tahu dan tidak percaya Wahid ini penyangak, tetapi dokumen-dokumen yang pertama kali dikeluarkan menunjukkan bagaimana beliau membantu kecurian terbesar dalam sejarah. Terpulang kepada anda jika masih percayakan Wahid selepas ini.
  9. Wahid ketika itu masih CEO Maybank, tetapi beliau juga adalah ahli panel pelaburan Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pencen (KWAP) iaitu tabung simpanan pesara kerajaan yang mempunyai aset hampir RM140billion.
  10. Kecurian ini berlaku dengan mudah sekali, hanya dalam 4 langkah, sebab Najib dapat pertolongan yang amat senang dan pantas dari Wahid Omar dan teman beliau. Kronologinya begini:
  11. Langkah Pertama: SRC (syarikat milik 1MDB) menulis surat kepada Najib memohon pinjaman RM2bil. Tarikh: 3 Jun 2011:



12. Langkah Kedua : Dua hari kemudiannya (5 Jun 2011) Najib memanjangkan surat itu kepada CEO KWAP, arahan beliau mudah:- hanya 4 perkataan sahaja: ‘bersetuju dengan cadangan ini’.

13. Langkah Ketiga: Najib memberitahu Pengerusi KWAP beliau mahukan pinjaman ini dipercepatkan.


14. Langkah Ke-empat : Pada bulan Ogos 2011, tanpa mesyuarat pelaburan oleh panel pelaburan untok mengkaji permohonan pinjaman RM2bil dari syarikat yang tiada rekod ini, dan tanpa mengambil kira ulasan pegawai KWAP bahawa pinjaman ini berisiko, ahli panel pelaburan meluluskan pinjaman RM2bil. Pinjaman ini diberi sekaligus RM2bil serta merta kepada SRC. Yahoo! Kelulusan Wahid dan geng diberikan melalui fax sahaja kepada Setiausaha syarikat. Lihat dokumen ini. Dengan hanya tanda ‘diluluskan’ , duit negara dicuri. Mudah sekali.

15. Nah, dalam hanya empat langkah, dan dalam tempoh hanya 3 bulan, RM2 bil dicuri. Rakyat berhak tahu siapa pengkhianat negara yang bersekongkol dengan Najib. Ini lah mereka, Tan Sri Wahid kononya hebat dalam bidang korporat dan beraklak mulia, dan kawan-kawannya.

16. Harus dinyatakan disini fungsi “Godfather” kepada Wahid, iaitu Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Noh Mohamad Yacob. Beliau ini terlibat dalam banyak hal korporat tetapi sentiasa dibelakang tabir. Beliau juga ada kaitan dengan 1MDB, dikatakan beliaulah yang membawa Goldman Sach ke 1MDB. Dan kenalan beliau iaitu Sheik Aqmal Daud adalah salah seorang yang mendapat untong puluhan juta ringgit daripada JhoLow.

17. Untuk mengkukuhkan cadangan untuk mendapat pinjaman dari KWAP, Tan Sri Nor Mohamad telah mengemukakan kertas cadangan ke Kabinet (pelik, kerana sepatutnya Menteri Kewangan-2 iaitu Ahmad Husni yang membentangkannnya) supaya kerajaan malaysia memberi jaminan kerajaan ke atas pinjaman ini. Kabinet Najib meluluskan jaminan kerajaan kepada syarikat SRC ini. Ini penting kerana apabila SRC tidak dapat membayar hutangnya kepada KWAP, kerajaan terpaksa bayar. Dan inilah yang berlaku. Rakyat kini menangung hutang RM4bil yang tidak mampu dibayar oleh SRC.

18. Desas desus mengatakan bahawa Nor Mohamad juga yang meluluskan penubuhan SRC.

19. Untuk makluman, surat permohonan SRC untuk jaminan kerajaan dihantar kepada MOF pada 15 Ogos 2011, dan selapas 2 hari, pada 17 Ogos ianya diluluskan oleh kabinet. Pantas seperti kilat. Dan hanya seminggu selepas itu, anak buah Nor Mohamad iaitu Wahid meluluskan pinjaman ini.

20. Cerita ini tidak tamat disini. Pencuri tamak dan gelojoh. Tak sampai satu tahun, mereka mencuri lagi. Kerana begitu senang dan pantas untuk mencuri RM2b, pada awal 2012, Najib meminta RM2b lagi dari KWAP. Kali ini, hanya tiga langkah.

21. Langkah Pertama: Najib keluarkan surat untuk meminjam RM2b.


22. Langkah Kedua, SRC mengemukakan surat ‘board resolution’ untuk mencuri lagi.


23. Langkah Ketiga – Permohanan dihantar ke ahli panel pelaburan KWAP. Orang yang sama yang meluluskan kecurian RM2b pada 10 bulan yang sudah, dengan pantas memberi lagi RM2bil kepada Jho and Najib. Ya, mulia sungguh hati Wahid. Lihat saja dokumen ini, senang saja Wahid meluluskan RM2b untuk diberi sekaligus kepada pencuri!










24. Apa balasan jasa Wahid kepada Najib? Beliau diberi jawatan Menteri dalam kabinet kleptokratik Najib Razak selepas PRU13, dan kemudiannya diberi jawatan Pengerusi PNB. Beliau diangkat dan disanjung. Rakyat tidak tahu peranan Wahid dalam isu SRC dan 1MDB ini.

25. Tan Sri Wahid dan kesetiannya kepada Najib begitu tebal. Menjelang PRU14, beliau secara terang-terangan berkempen untuk BN dan Najib. Antara lain, beliau tanpa segan-silu memberi derma dan zakat kepada ahli politik UMNO

i. RM700,000 kepada Hassan Malek untuk parlimen Kuala Pilah

ii) RM50,000 kepada Awang Adek. Wahid juga melantik Awang Adek sebagai Pengerusi anak syarikat PNB iaitu PNB Research Institute dengan gaji bulanan RM30,000.

iii) RM100,000 kepada Aziz Kaprawi

Harus diingatkan bahawa bantuan terus kepada ahli politik tidak pernah berlaku dalam sejarah PNB. Sikap politik terang-terangan Wahid telah menimbulkan kegusaran pada ahli lembaga pengarah PNB dan juga pihak pengurusan PNB termasuk CEO ketika itu iaitu Dato Rahman. Ini tidak pernah dilakukan oleh pengerusi PNB terdahulu seperti Tun Sarji dan Tun Ismail.

26. Beliau juga telah didedahkan membeli plat kereta ‘PNB’ harga ratusan ribu ringgit. Apabila digasak oleh rakyat, nombor kereta PNB1 itu diletakkan di motosikal kapcai tersadai di parking lot bangunan PNB.

27. Berapa elaun beliau ketika berkerja dengan PNB sebagai pengerusi?  Najib memberi imbuhan hampir RM3 juta setahun kepada Wahid!  Ini tidak pernah terjadi.

28. Banyak lagi benda yang beliau lakukan ketika di PNB yang merugikan penyimpan dan penabong yang rata rata orang melayu miskin. Itu akan kami huraikan di lain kali. Cukuplah untuk memberitahu bahawa salah satu transaksi songsang yang merugikan PNB dan orang Melayu adalah berkenaan dengan sewa beli bangunan milik PNB di Damansara Heights kepada ahli keluarga ‘Godfather’ beliau iaitu Tan Sri Nor Mohamad.

29. Bagaimana ini semua boleh berlaku? Kerana golongan ‘professional’ ini semua tidak ada hati perut dan otak penuh rasuah. Pakai kopiah pergi solat jemaah, tapi menolong Najib curi duit rakyat. Jangan biarkan ini berlaku lagi!


30. Mereka yang menolong Najib, dibagi ganjaran besar. Bagaimana? Ini ceritanya:

a. Selepas tahun 2011, Tan Sri Mohamad Azlan bin Hashim menjadi ahli lembaga pengarah Khazanah. Apabila benda busuk diketahui, beliau kemudiannya dibuang oleh PH kerana isu KWAP ini. Namun, setelah Tun M letak jawatan dan TS Muhyddin jadi PM dan Pengerusi Khazanah, beliau dengan pantas dilantik oleh TSMY kembali menjadi ahli lembaga pengarah Khazanah. Lantikan ini atas cadangan Shahril Redza, anak buah TS Nor Mohamad. Shahril ini merupakan pemegang aset UMNO (baca sini hubungan beliau dengan Zahid Hamidi dan syarikat beliau yang mendapat kontrak e-visa dari KDN. Syarikat ini kemudiannya didedahkan memberi rasuah hampir RM50 juta kepada Zahid Hamidi)

b. Tan Sri Wan Abdul Aziz Wan Abdullah selepas isu KWAP di lantik menjadi Pengerusi Sime Darby oleh Najib, anak syarikat PNB. Elaun ratusan ribu. Kereta BMW 7-series diberikan. Tapi tahun lepas telah diganti dengan orang lain. Selepas ini kita tengok apa TSMY nak beri pada TS Wan Abdul Aziz ini.

c. Selepas meluluskan RM4 bil duit KWAP, Che Zakiah Che Din dilantik Najib menjadi ahli lembaga pengarah Maybank, anak syarikat PNB. Elaun pengarah ratusan ribu. Habuan besar.

d. Cheah Tel Kuang pula dilantik ahli lembaga pengarah UMW Oil & Gas Corporation Berhad, juga anak syarikat PNB. Elaun pengarah ratusan ribu. Terima kasih Wahid Omar.

e. Godfather (Nor Maohamed) kini juga kembali ke Khazanah, bila dilantik oleh Muhyidin sebagai Pengerusi Khazanah Research Institute. Kita juga tahu bahawa Nor Mohamad juga yang meluluskan penubuhan SRC, seperti yang dimaklumkan di mahkamah.

31. Selepas kerajaan PN merampas kuasa dari PH dan memerintah bersama kerajaan kleptokratik, Wahid dengan pantas diambil kembali sebagai Pengerusi Bursa Malaysia. Adakah beliau layak? Tidak sama sekali!

32. Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Sekuriti Syed Zaid Albar (Adik kepada TS Hamid Albar) harus menjelaskan adakah Wahid ini mempunyai nilai integriti untuk jawatan tersebut? Adakah beliau dilantik untuk meyelesaikan transaksi tertentu? Kenapa Syed Zaid berdiam diri? Adakah kerana beliau juga ada ‘kes’? Kita tahu banyak juga kes Syed Zaid, namun itu untuk lain masa.

Kesimpulannya, orang melayu jangan mudah terpedaya dengan ‘teknokrat’ Melayu sebegini. Mereka bukannya mulia, tetapi pengkhianat. Kita tahu Najib, Rosmah, JhoLow pencuri, namun ianya tidak mampu dicuri tanpa bantuan profesional seperti Wahid. Mereka ini munafik dan hipokrit yang hanya layak meringkuk di penjara.